FTL Systems' Technical Capability:

Advanced, Internally Developed Technical Capability at the Core of FTL Systems Products

Advanced, internally developed technical capablity definining the future edge of technology defines the core value behind FTL Systems. The team at FTL Systems has a history of more than 20 years developing capabilities no one else has. Previous to starting FTL Systems in 1995 we were leaders on a variety of business, technical and engineering / scientific computer systems that defining lead edge.

Initially FTL Systems began as a military contractor with limited commercial sales. Since 2009 we have been shifting over to a 100 percent commerical model, excluding military goods. In 2016 we expect to complete this transition. Concurrently we are centralizing management, research, development, manufacture and secondary support in Groningen, The Netherlands with a backup site in central Switzerland. All new products and technologies are being developed in Europe.

FTL Systems has dozens of issued and pending patents worldwide (see tab at left). Additionally, we aggressively protect our secrets. We work hard to be on the leading technical edge of the markets we target or participate in. Legacy products based on commodity technology, available from others, are being dropped.

In an effort to become a white strong security provider to corporations, FTL Systems has dropped its crypto-analytic (code breaking) products and services. Being on both the white and black sides of cryptography is too difficult and ambiguous. We have terminated the black side completely. In developing the best strong security it helps to understand the black side.

FTL Systems' core technical capabilities include: