FTL Systems' Veracity™ Hardware Platforms:

Excellence in performance, energy efficiency and reliability

FTL Systems Veracity™ platforms provide a comprehensive, integrated hardware basis on which to run industry-specific application suites. The systems integrate with Windows / Intel clients to support existing user applications. Maximum performance and security depends on systems using a Linux window manager (KDE or Gnome).

Multi-user UltraServers™ are the center-piece of the Veracity product family. They extend from a single, 4U rack mount unit all the way to commercially feasible and affordable ExaScale systems. Units consisting of three or four standard 19 inch racks are the fundamental building block. Each unit delivers one to more than 10 PetaFLOPs depending on the processors used.

UltraServers support both legacy X86-64 / GPU nodes linked by 10G bit per second fabrics as well as FTL Systems' unique processor technology linked into a common memory model with TeraBit / second linkages. X86-64 processors and GPU are available at the entry level (up to 100 TFLOP). FTL Systems' own processors span the full range into commercially practical and affordable ExaScale.

Thin clients designed by FTL Systems, such as the Artists' Canvas shown above, support Windows or Linux user interfaces linked into larger, multi-user systems by 1G ethernet. Unlike other thin clients, these clients run legacy and latency-sensitive parts of computations locally while off-loading the heavy computation to multi-user servers.

Disk arrays provide spannable, RAID information storage using either rotating or solid state disks. Disk segments may hold traditional file systems accessible via NFS V4 or Windows SMB shares. Alternatively disk segments may be direct-mapped into the address space of multi-user host servers following the IBM AS/400 paradigm. Tape libraries are available (from third parties) to provide on-site or remote backup.

Parallel accelerators off-loading application segments that can be readily vectorized. These accelerators support a limited set of applications that have highly regular segments. The time required to off-load data to parallel accelerators and return to general purpose processors limits the parallel accelerator's range of applicability. FTL Systems' new processors are designed to handle even vectorized applications effectively without having to offload data.

Advanced Tele-Communication Architecture (ATCA) routers (full or micro) provide packet and shared memory communication. Redundancy within the routers and across routers provides for high availability. Line cards support interfaces from legacy 10M/100M through 100G CFP and FTL Systems' unique TeraBit network links.

Depending on the customers' needs and the specific products, Veracity systems can be installed at the customer's site or at an FTL Systems data centre. FTL Systems application engineers can discuss needs with you via the "Learn More" tab at right.