FTL Systems' Secure Network Systems

Complete Secure Network Systems Integrated with other FTL Systems Suites

FTL Systems' TeraStream™ secure networking systems link "edge devices" and back-room integrated data centres. They enhance customer operations with higher bandwidth, greater security and improved quality of service. A seemless integration with FTL Systems industry suites (hardware and software) facilitates initial system bring-up and life-cycle maintenance. Other than FTL wired clients, FTL works with popular third-party smart devices and industry-standard interfaces.

Heavy reliance on industry standards and FTL-specific enhancements to industry standards facilitates rapid customer integration and upgrades. Primary wireless interfaces are 4G LTE, upcoming 5G and WiFi. Primary "wired" interfaces include 1G copper, SFP/SFP+ (1G and 10G SR/LR optical and CX4), CFP (100G) and FTL's unique TeraBit linkages. The switch chassis are FTL-enhanced versions of the industry-standard Advanced Telecommunications Architecture (ATCA), both micro and full size. Auxilliary disk array systems provide for traffic buffering and streaming content (such as movies on demand and cloud storage).

Voice communication leverages industry-standard "voice over internet packet" (VOIP) technology using third party phones or phones including strong encryption built into the handset to realize strong end-to-end user security.

Legitimate corporation are our customers. Back-doors, weak-encryption or other security compromises are far more likely to facilitate crime than to really make honest people safe. Thus FTL Systems builds strong security and do what we say. If you do not value your corporation's assets or security there are an adequate number of insecure systems available. Under "know-your-customer" protocols, FTL Systems carefully vets customers and only sells secure networking to corporations which pass vetting. If you operate somewhere public servants ignorantly try to obstruct strong corporate network security, please fix the servants!

Segmented Networks and Multi-Level Gateways

FTL Systems' TeraStream ™ secure network architecture assumes partitioning of a corporate network into distinct security compartments based on the kind of information contained, transmitted and processed. Multi-level security gateways provide informed packet filtering and potentially tunneling between distinct physical locations via "virtual private networks" (VPN).


Switches (conventional or TeraStream) route internet packets over optical, copper or wireless pathways. Switches may further partition compartments based on IP addresses, ports, subnets or other attributes. Connections range from 1,000G bits per second down to less than 1M bit per second depending on the route and contention.

Email, Web and File Transfer Servers

Today's world depends on point-to-point transfer of files. Email servers, Web servers and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers act as the respositories and hubs for files. While backward compatibility with associated client / server protocols is practically required, FTL Systems focuses on strong, secure encapsulation of file information while it is in transit. Security is usually limited by the security associated with third party clients such as third hand-held devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) such as smart appliances and industrial controls.

Domain Name Servers

Domain Name Servers (DNS) translate human-readable network names, such as www.ftlsystems.com into machine-readable addresses (IPV4 or IPV6). They also provide reverse translation from machine addresses to human-readable addresses. As a co-lateral service, DNS can also provide validation and dynamic assignment of machine-readable addresses (DHCP) as well as network security credentials.

Secured Clients

Network security is only as good as the security of clients authenticated to networks. Out-of-band attacks such as conceptually taking a digital photo of a secure screen using an insecure device, key-loggers or other attacks can render the most secure network insecure. While FTL Systems does not built hand-held clients we work with third parties to maximize hand-held security to the maximum extend feasible.

Physical Security

Physical security must go along with network security. FTL Systems is not in the business of providing others with physical security against espionage. We can suggest third parties who can provide shielding against both emissions and attack via radiated electro-magnetic spectrum. These third parties build Secure Compartmentalized Information Facilities (SCIF) for Corporations. Our strategic approach depends on end-to-end encryption when communicating between facilities rather than assuming wide-area-network links can be secured.