Designed and manufactured in the European Union & Switzerland from EurAsian components.
Digital Media and Entertainment: Introducing a New Era in Production, Streaming and User Experiences with FTL Systems' Computed Reality tm Products!
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Contemporary microprocessor and GPU system lag requirements for immersive, computed, real-time reality by a factor of 50,000 to 100,000 times. Virtual reality attained by such platforms lacks resolution, sponataneous creative content and other major factors delivered by the product line FTL Systems is developing and bringing to market. Based on more than ten years of development and unique skills there are huge barriers to any competing effort.

Resolutions supported from consumer 1080p through 4K and 8K up to photo-realistic, 16K x 16K pixel displays with 6 channel surround sound in real-time. A fully sensory experience completes reality. This is well beyond what a GPU can support with photo-realistic rendering!

Where feasible we utilize defacto standard interfaces. Examples include intermediate forms developed by the Blender team (see blender.org). In cases such as the 4D experiences, no standards were practical hence we developed our own.

FTL Systems plans on accepting orders and delivering on a rolling schedule over the next three years. Services include hosted servers and production resources in Europe, North America and Asia. Clients are competitively priced with commodity X86-64 systems running Microsoft's Windows tm. Servers range from several hundred TeraFLOPS to commercial, shared ExaScale systems.

FTL Systems' Veracity servers are versions of FTL Systems' high performance computers which are specific to production, streaming and real-time experiences.

FTL Systems' Veracity tm for High End, Multi-User, Real-Time Rendering:

FTL Systems' high end Veracity server addresses environments requiring real-time experience generation for medium to large size groups. It addresses both content modeling and experience generation for conventional 2D/3D productions as well as computed-reality generation.

FTL Systems' Veracity tm for Mid-Range, Real-Time Rendering:

FTL Systems' mid range servers provide for real-time computed reality rendering for small groups or near real-time turnaround for larger content generators.

FTL Systems' Veracity tm Artist's Canvas tm for Production Design Rendering:

Artists' Canvas provides a powerful, thick client connecting to FTL Systems' servers. The clients may be co-located with the server(s) or remotely located on a secure link.