Image from The Magnificant Raiders of Dimension War One by DreamTeller Studios, rendered on an FTL Systems Render Farm

FTL Systems' Digital Media and Entertainment Products

Create and distribute superior media products...

FTL Systems' Artist Canvas™, Media Production UltraServer™ and Entertainment Software Suite operate as an integrated, supported package. The package gets you into production quickly and helps you meet ongoing media delivery schedules with quality and economy.

These products enable:

The package excels at high-resolution (4K and 8K) productions with photo-realistic resolution in 2D and immersive 3D. Compared to single GPU workstations, these servers can deliver more than 1,000 times the throughput, often limited by the human artists.

The Artist Canvas client focuses on a Linux environment. Windows 10 clients are available, limited to about 3 TeraFLOP by the X86-64 and GPU architecture. A 1G ethernet link connects via router to Media Production UltraServers. Support for the clients is centralized to reduce the time and cost of maintaining clients for a large team.

The Media Production UltraServer brings multi-PetaFLOP supercomputing with range of media production and distribution organizations. It supports real-time content generation for immersive 3D at high-resolution (StarTrek-like holodeck) and video display walls / rooms.