FTL Systems' SuperSolar™ Solar Energy & Storage Systems

Complete, High-Efficiency, Green Energy Systems

FTL Systems' SuperSolar™ energy systems deliver industrial-scale and utility-scale electrical energy to users requiring continuous, multi-megawatt scale. power. At utility scale, FTL Systems' solar energy products economically compete in cost with conventional, base generation such as coal, natural gas, nuclear. Furthermore FTL's generation systems are fully renewable (green).

Our energy systems offer high conversion efficiency. This means that less land is required for the same power output. Compared to thin film technology, FTL's technology requires as little as one third the land area, one third the life-cycle maintenance costs and one third the exposure to storms and other natural risks. Lower exposure to risks eventually translates into lower insurance costs.

Photo-Voltaic Panels

FTL Systems' unique, patent-pending photo-voltaic panels provide for cost-effective light to energy conversion directly into alternating current. Efficiencies of 30% and higher (depending on region) offer area and cost efficiency through-out the panel life-cycle.

Solar Trackers

FTL Systems' unique, patent-pending passive solar trackers (day/night and seasonal) provide peak system output, extremely long lifetime and low maintenance. They do not depend on any electronics or small moving parts which wear out over time.

System Level Monitoring

Integrated system monitoring capability assists industrial and utility scale users to predict failures before they have an impact on system power output. Monitoring is distributed throughout the solar field. FTL Systems' other secure networking products provide for remote monitoring and adjustment.

Upgrade to Energy Storage

FTL Systems has a field upgrade path to affordable, clean, reliable energy storage for continuous power all-day, all-night and across seasons. No hazardous materials such as lead, acid or lithium are involved.